The arts community is one of St. John’s greatest and most underused resources..

We have world-class musicians, visual artists, actors, dancers, writers, playwrights—and the list goes on. Our arts community already attracts people here to visit and to stay, but I believe more is possible:

  1. Cutting arts funding is penny-wise and pound-foolish. Our arts community is producing a lot of value for not much cost.
  2. Many arts events take place in physically inaccessible locations. Improving accessibility will allow more people to appreciate what we have. [See: Accessibility.]
  3. An active arts community gives children a community of enthusiastic teachers. Parents and children benefit a lot from the arts! [See: Children and Families].
  4. The Downtown Transportation Problem makes it difficult for most people to attend events. We need better transportation downtown, and also more events in other neighbourhoods. [See also: Downtown Transportation Problem.]
  5. For particular historic reasons, St. John’s has the latest show times anywhere. Often bands start playing long after midnight. That makes much of our local music scene inaccessible to most parents or people who work in the morning. I would support efforts to coordinate earlier show times.
  6. Many municipal issues raise either aesthetic problems or communication problems—areas where artists have special skills and insights. I will push to include more artists in committees and discussions.
  7. It’s time for St. John’s to portray itself as a modern, diverse, inclusive city. The arts community is essential to making that happen.

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