City Planning

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The City’s main planning tool is the municipal plan and development regulations. They set the ground rules for all construction and development in the City. They’re supposed to be reviewed every ten years.

The plan is already four years late. The current Council won’t get it done; they’ve only just released draft development regulations. Even if the plan is adopted in the Fall, it’ll be almost halfway into its useful lifetime. Soon it’ll be time to start thinking about the next plan.

I won’t let planning get stuck on the back burner:


  1. I’ll push to get the current plan done quickly, but I won’t rubber stamp it just because it’s four years late.
  2. I want to hear your feedback about the plan and development regulations! Every neighbourhood is different, and the only way to plan for a whole City is to listen carefully. Please, if you can find the time, have a look at the plan and tell me what you think!
  3. I want start the new planning process early so we’re ready in 2023 when it’s time for a fresh look. The city’s changed a lot in the four years since the “new” plan was drafted. Let’s get back on track!
  4. The municipal plan is an important way to promote many of my priorities such as real neigbourhoods, green space and active space, and healthy wetlands. In some neighbourhoods, it may be time to consider newer planning tools such as form-based codes. [See: Real Neighbourhoods; Green Space, Parks, and Nature; Active Space and Athletics; Wetlands and Waterways; Built Heritage; Cycling; Affordable Housing; Downtown Transportation Problem.]
  5. In setting up a new plan, my main priority will be listening to residents. Though the follow through has been too slow, the initial Envision St. John’s consultations were a good model. You know your neighbourhoods, and I want to hear from you.

[See more of my thoughts in my Telegram letter about the late city plan and my twitter essay about the restaurant on Boncloddy Road. See also Regional Planning, New Subdivisions.]


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