CyclistPeople need to be able to navigate the City safely and practically in bicycles. Unsafe routes are dangerous for both people in bikes and people in cars, and impractical routes simply won’t be used.

The adversarial conversation around cycling is the biggest obstacle we face. We need to find a way to lower tensions and look for ways to cooperate. People who bike and people who drive are going to be sharing the road for a long time to come.

I believe the best way to create a less adversarial conversation is to focus on road safety for everyone. That’s a value I hope everyone can get behind. [See also Vision Zereo.]

City Council has articulated a vision for the future in the 2009 Cycling Master Plan and more recently in the 2016 Bike St. John’s Task Force Final Report. Both documents are carefully reasoned and supported by evidence. I would encourage anyone dissatisfied with the City’s cycling policy to read them.

In some cases, it may be possible to significantly improve bicycle safety with only minor infrastructure changes, such as redesigned lips. Bicycle safety should always be on the agenda when we plan roads.Cyclist


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