Downtown Transportation Problem

Everyone who lives in St. John’s should have practical access to the City’s downtown amenities. Unfortunately, the difficulty driving and parking downtown makes it difficult for people from many neighbourhoods to get downtown. That’s not a downtown issue; it’s a whole City issue.

It’s difficult and expensive to significantly increase the number of parking spaces downtown. We need to look for more creative solutions to the downtown transportation problem.

The City should explore options like Park N Ride that would allow people to access downtown without taking their cars. Even if the options only appealed to fraction of commuters, they would free up a significant number of parking spaces. Similarly, even a slight increase the number of commuters who walk, cycle, take transit, or carpool would free up a lot of parking spaces.

The City should also promote the development of alternative mixed-use hubs, with a compact mixture of old and new buildings. The formula that makes the east end of Water and Duckworth streets successful is not mysterious or irreplicable.Paperwork


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