Motorcycle Noise

Some motorcyclists, usually using modified vehicles, are producing dramatically excessive noise. It’s annoying and causes hearing loss. In most cases the modifications are already illegal. The problem shouldn’t be tolerated in residential areas or dense urban environments.

We’ve been waiting for too long for action on motorcycle noise. The City and the Province have been passing the buck back and forth. Sensible rules exist already in Edmonton, Calgary, and Saskatoon. The City has the power to implement them, and I will push for it to do so as quickly as possible.

The other side of the problem is enforcement. At the moment, the City doesn’t seem to be able to stop vehicles for moving violations, so it must rely on the RNC to enforce the law. Council must make the community its partners in ensuring that the laws are enforced. If the RNC isn’t doing its job, I’ll make sure those most affected know where to send their letters.

For more, read my letter to the Telegram about motorcycle noise.

Motorcycle Noise


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